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Acryl 60
An acrylic-polymer emulsion that is mixed with portland cement mortars, plasters,
stucco, and concrete mixes. Acryl® 60 improves the adhesion, cohesion, tensile,
compressive, and flexural strengths of these cement-based materials. This
nonyellowing, water-base material is suitable for applications interior and exterior,
above and below grade. Acryl® 60 produces a hard, strong, and fast cure for a wide
variety of concrete-repair and cement-based coating materials.
Armatec 110 EpoCem
3-component, solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, epoxy-modified, cementitious product
specifically formulated as a bonding agent and an anti-corrosion coating.
Mapefer 1K
one-part anticorrosion and bonding mortar based on unique polymers, cementitious
binders and corrosion inhibitors.  

Data Sheet                                               MSDS
Liquid vinyl acetate polymer used as an easy spreading bonding agent for plasters and
Planicrete AC
One-component, concentrated, liquid latex admixture used to enhance the performance
of cementitious repair mortars, plasters, stuccos, concrete mixes and toppings for the
restoration of horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete; concrete masonry units
(CMU); and masonry surfaces. It is used as an admixture in all cement-based masonry
mortars, stucco, sand and cement repair mortars and any other cement-based material
to improve adhesion and reduce permeability.

Data Sheet                                               MSDS
Planicrete UA
A next-generation, water-based, one-component, concentrated liquid latex admixture
used to enhance the performance of several MAPEI products, including mortar mixes.
Using  Planicrete UA  as part of the designated design mixes will increase product
performance in the areas of bond, flexural and tensile strengths in addition to increased
durability and enhanced workability.

Data Sheet                                               MSDS
Sikadur 32, Hi-Mod
A multi-purpose, 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant structural epoxy
adhesive. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881 and AASHTOM-235 specifications.
Water-based, surface-applied polyvinyl acetate bonding agent. Apply it by brush, roller,
or spray to masonry, gypsum plaster, concrete, and wallboard before topping with
plaster or concrete mortar.