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Aquafin 1K
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A cementitious, ready-mixed powder, which is mixed with water to form a dense, waterproof surface
barrier. It consists of Portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced special
chemical ingredients.  Waterproof coating of new or old structures, above or below grade, positive
or negative water pressure side.
Aquafin 2K
a state-of the art cementitious, acrylic emulsion based highly flexible protective coating and
waterproof barrier.  This product is two-component and resistant to water, moisture and abrasion. Its
liquid mixing component is solvent free. 2K/M is a stand alone product, but it can be top or
overcoated with flexible or rigid mortars, stuccos or coatings for uniform appearance.  
A cementitious membrane that waterproofs concrete. It also protects concrete from chemical attack
by de-icing salts, sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide that leads to deterioration and requires
costly repair.

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MPC (Multi-Purpose Protective Coating) is a polymer modified cement material mixed at the time of
application; MPC can be applied to concrete to recreate a like-new appearance.

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Planiseal 88
A  B
A one-component, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry
surfaces. It can be used as a waterproofing and protection coating/mortar on interior and exterior
concrete and masonry surfaces.

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Sikagard 62
A 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant epoxy resin. It produces a high-build, protective,
dampproofing and waterproofing vapor-barrier system.
100% pure epoxy. This means it is tough and durable enough for the harshest of conditions. Plus,
SUPERCOAT is the only coating to feature "WET Chemistry" (Waterborne Epoxy Technology),
which actually allows the coating to "breathe", thereby eliminating blisters that eventually cause
chipping and peeling.
A water-based high-build, 100% acrylic coating for above-grade concrete, masonry, stucco, and
EIFS. It waterproofs, protects, and decorates building exteriors while allowing them to breathe.
Thorocoat® produces a tough, outer film that maintains its aesthetic and performance properties
over time. Thorocoat® is available in smooth, fine, and coarse textures; it is tintable to 48
"Elements" colors and can be custom tinted.

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A water-based elastomeric, high-build acrylic coating for exterior stucco, masonry, concrete, and
EIFS. Thorolastic® repels wind-driven rain yet allows building interiors to breathe. It bridges crack
movement up to 27 mils (at 73 ºF), and will retain its elastomeric properties over the years.
Thorolastic® comes in smooth, fine, and coarse textures. It is tintable to 48 "Elements" colors, and
can be custom tinted.

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A portland-cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry. Thoroseal® resists both
positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, enabling it to waterproof both interior and exterior
surfaces. It fills and seals pores and voids, correcting surface irregularities and eliminating the need
for concrete rubbing. Thoroseal® creates a low-cost, low-maintenance, highly durable water barrier
that is resistant to damage from impact, abrasion, and mildew. It can be overcoated with a variety of
Thoro® decorative finishes.

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Thoroseal Foundation
A portland-cement-based waterproof coating for exterior below-grade concrete and masonry. It can
also be used as a waterproof base coat on above-grade walls before they are overcoated with
Thorocoat® or Thorosheen®.

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Thoroseal Plaster Mix
A  B
A cement-based, waterproof coating for concrete, brick, or block. It can be used to eliminate the
look of mortar joints and textured by both spray and trowel application.

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A water-based 100% acrylic paint for concrete and masonry. It provides long-term protection
against wind-driven rain, fungus and mildew growth. It is highly breathable and shows excellent color
retention. Thorosheen® is aggregate free and has a flat smooth finish when cured. It comes in 48
"Elements" colors, and can be custom tinted. It is VOC compliant.

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Tuf Trac
A water-based VOC-free, slip-resistant acrylic coating for asphalt and concrete. It is formulated to
last 3 to 5 times longer than asphalt and coal tar sealers and is available in 455 custom colors.
When used with Tuf-Trac® Accessories it provides a complete coating system for outdoor
recreation areas and surfaces with pedestrian traffic.
Vulkem 201
A fluid-applied, elastomeric waterproof Membrane System. The system is spray, roller, trowel, or
squeegee applied and cures to form a continuous, seamless, positively bonded elastomeric
waterproof membrane. TREMproof 201/60 is commonly used “between slab” on plaza decks,
parking decks, roof terraces, podiums, and reflecting pools where a standard 60 mil waterproofing
membrane is required. TREMproof 201/60 is also used for waterproofing foundation walls and
retaining walls.
Vulkem 250 GC
A fluid-applied, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that can be applied to Green Concrete.
TREMproof 250 GC is commonly used as a between slab on plaza decks, parking decks, roof
terraces, podiums, and reflecting pools. TREMproof 250 GC is also used for waterproofing
foundation walls, landscaped areas, planter boxes, tunnels, etc. The TREMproof 250 GC is an
effective membrane for use on concrete, wood, metal and masonry surfaces.
Vulkem 350/351
An attractive composite waterproofing system comprised of tough-curing liquid polyurethane. It
cures to form a rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting eye-appealing and easy-to-clean
coating. Non-skid surfaces for pedestrian traffic features use of an aggregate-laden top membrane
for surest footing. Vulkem 350/351 may be used to apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof
membrane to smooth concrete, to well-anchored and primed wood and to primed metal surfaces.
Vulkem 350/345/346
A modified polyurethane Traffic Deck Coating System comprised of a basecoat (350), heavy duty
intermediate coat (345) and a topcoat (346).This unique waterproofing system is designed to have
tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical
Vulkem 360NF/951NF
A high-performance, Neighbor-Friendly, two-part polyurethane coating for vehicular (heavy
duty)and pedestrian (medium duty) application where low odor and extremely durable coatings are
A high-performance, Neighbor-Friendly, two-part polyurethane coatings for vehicular (heavy
duty)and pedestrian (medium duty) application where low odor and extremely durable coatings are
desired. These topcoats are applied over a cured Vulkem basecoat. Vulkem 950NF Topcoat can be
used both as an intermediate coat for the Tremco heavy duty system and a topcoat for interior
applications. Vulkem 951NF is a low-odor topcoat designed for exterior applications and for use
over Vulkem 950NF in heavy duty applications. The recommended basecoat for use with Vulkem
950NF and Vulkem 951NF is Vulkem 360NF. Vulkem 360NF is a low odor V.O.C. compliant,
water-cured, rapid-setting polyurethane basecoat that possesses tenacious adhesion to clean dry
concrete, wood and metal.
Application Key:

A = Above Grade         B = Below Grade        D = Decorative