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Is a thixothropic stripping compound designed for removing coatings and epoxies from
masonry, wood and metal surfaces. It also removes oil, grease and waxes from
concrete decks, tile and terrazzo floors.
An alkaline formula with organic solvents, removes multiple layers of paint and graffiti
from masonry surfaces. This "slow-working" extended-contact remover, remains active
for 24 hours. One application of Heavy Duty Paint Stripper dissolves heavy
accumulations of paint, restoring old masonry to its original appearance. Heavy Duty
Paint Stripper contains no methanol, methylene chloride, or chlorinated solvents, and is
water rinsable and nonflammable.
Easy to apply and even easier to remove and dispose of (land-fill friendly). 100%
biodegradable, non-toxic and non-caustic - makes negative air, or other special
equipment not necessary. Very economical. Low evaporative rate allows it to continue
to work for up to 24 hours.

Data Sheet                                               MSDS
Is a specially designed protective paper film.Press OverCoat paper by hand onto
freshly applied coatings of extended-contact gel- and paste-consistency paint and
coating removers and cleaners.It adheres to and covers the gel or paste,protecting
passersby from accidental contact, as well as insulating the chemical.In addition,
OverCoat keeps the cleaner moist by reducing evaporation,enhancing and prolonging
performance.Overcoat is easily applied. It’s removed and disposed of with the spent
Is an industrial strength and consumer friendly paint, urethane, epoxy and acrylic
stripper made with 100% American grown soybeans. The low evaporation rate of
SOY•Gel™ and its gel formulation make it possible to remove several layers in one
application. SOY•Gel™ will not lighten any acid stained, color hardened and integrally
colored concrete surfaces (will lighten or remove solvent dyes and water-based stains).
SOY•Gel™ contains no methylene chloride, is not an alkaline based stripper and
cleans up easily with water. Unlike more traditional paint strippers SOY•Gel™ lets you
work without the odor. Indoors or outdoors, you can be guaranteed a safe restoration
process with SOY•Gel™.

Data Sheet                                               MSDS
Quickly removes most paints, clear coats and graffiti from concrete without use of
methylene chloride or methanol.
Low-odor SafStrip breaks the bond of highstrength paints and coatings including
acrylics, alkyds and clear sealers. It dissolves common hard-to-remove graffiti media
such as spray paints, marking pens and lacquers. Its “thixotropic” gel consistency
makes SafStrip easy to apply and spill-resistant. After cleaning, the spent cleaner
rinses off easily with cold or hot water.
Is a neutral-pH stripping compound for nearly any hard surface – masonry, concrete,
wood or metal. Use Enviro Klean® SafStrip® 8 to remove most high-strength paints
and clear coats without the methylene chloride or methanol found in traditional solvent
paint strippers. SafStrip® 8 breaks the bond of the toughest oil-based “alkyd” paints,
acrylics, lacquers and clear sealers. It also removes graffiti media such as spray paint
and “magic” marker. SafStrip® 8’s gel-like consistency makes it hard to spill and easy
to apply. It immediately emulsifies in water and may be rinsed off with cold water, hot
water or steam.
an alkaline paste containing potassium hydroxide, is formulated to simplify rinsing and
neutralization requirements. Safety Peel 2 reduces the volume of waste generated by
conventional liquid and paste removal systems.
Formulated as a “slow working” paint remover, Safety Peel 2 removes heavy
accumulations of paint and graffiti from masonry surfaces. One application of Safety
Peel 2 dissolves multiple layers of many common paint coatings for controlled removal.
Potentially hazardous paint solids are trapped in the semi-dry paste, simplifying their
containment and disposal.
is a solvent paste with no methylene chloride or methanol. Designed for removal of
paint and clear coatings, Safety Peel 3 is a “slow-working” paint remover. One
application dissolves multiple paint layers for controlled removal.
Safety Peel paint removers were developed for lead-based paint abatement and other
paint-stripping projects where controlled removal, containment and disposal of wastes
are desirable. For more information on use of Safety Peel and other Enviro Klean®
products as part of a Lead-Based Paint Abatement program, see PROSOCO
Technical Bulletin 1291 - LBPA. For a free copy, call PROSOCO Customer Care at